An Introduction to Catholic at Home

Hello and welcome to Catholic at Home! It is my hope that this website is a resource for you as you strive to help your family grow in knowledge and love of the Catholic faith.

You might be wondering, why is this website necessary? As long as parents make sure their kids receive the sacraments, isn’t that good enough?

I work in Religious Education and almost every day I work with families who are so busy doing things that are “important” that they don’t have time for things that are truly important, and it worries me. If we aren’t showing our children what the important things in life are, how are they going to get the message?

Catholics call the family the domestic church, because parents, by their word and example, are the first and primary teachers of the faith (catechists) to their children. It is within the family that children learn who Jesus Christ is and grow in relationship with Him. As parents, we are responsible for the education of our children, and in particular we have the mission of educating our children in the Catholic faith.

While Catholic schools are a laudable and worthwhile investment, we cannot send our children to Catholic school and assume that our job is done. Even your parish religious education program isn’t going to be enough. Studies have proven that children learn the faith through the example of their parents. Children must see their parents praying and participating in the life of the Church in order to understand and truly grasp its importance in their own lives.

In short – if you truly wish to pass on the faith, then your children need to see YOU pray. They need to see YOU going to mass. And they need to learn the faith from YOUR mouth and YOUR actions.

It’s scary, I know. Follow along and we’ll get there together!


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