DIY St. Lucy’s Day Crown – Easy and Toddler Friendly

Hello, again, friends!

St. Lucy’s feast day is on Wednesday, something we have been looking forward to as it is our little Lucy’s feast day! I’ve been excited about celebrating St. Lucy’s feast day ever since we first decided to name our daughter Lucy. If you’re not familiar with St. Lucy’s story, you can read about her via Catholic Culture here.

Like many virgin martyrs, her martyrdom account is a big graphic so if I were to tell my young children about her I would probably focus on her miraculous intervention on behalf of the Sicilians in 1582. You can read more about that, as well as how St. Lucy is celebrated in different cultures here.

We are planning on following the Swedish tradition where the oldest girl of the family (our oldest girl just happens to be named after St. Lucy – good planning on our part! 🙂 ) to dress in a white robe/dress with a red sash and wear a wreath and candles on her head. She then wakes all the members of her families with a breakfast in bed of sweet bread or rolls. Obviously, our Lucy is not old enough to be waking us up with sweet rolls, although she probably will be the one to wake us up, Mommy will be in charge of the sweet rolls. And by that I mean canned Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls – mornings are hard, don’t judge me!

Now, I know it’s only a day away and if you’re like me you’ve been in a panic because you don’t have a crown yet. I’ve been procrastinating because I’ve been a little concerned, I’m not too fond of the idea of strapping some live burning candles to my toddler’s head. Something about that seems dangerous to me. So obviously I wanted a more simple and safe option. I considered making one out of felt, but that seemed way too time-consuming.

This easy DIY is what I came up with. And with the flameless LED tealights, I totally feel comfortable with my toddler playing with it. I promise this is super easy and super fast. I think  I made mine in about 5 minutes, including taking the pictures. And since normal people don’t take this many pictures while they make things. You should be good. (Although you should take at least one picture at the end for the sake of internet bragging and pics or it didn’t happen!) Let’s get into it!

Note: If you are reading this the day of (thank you for reading!) that’s totally fine. You can still celebrate St. Lucy’s day without a crown – or have your oldest girl hold your advent wreath. Last year our Lucy was only a few months old, so we didn’t do the crown, but we did have cinnamon rolls. Something simple is never something to be ashamed of. You are an awesome parent for even caring and trying to celebrate the feast days with your kids! 



Battery operated tea lights

Wire Cutter

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured  – because I have no clue where it is)

Floral wire (optional)


First things first – if you want you can use the floral wire to make a form for your wreath to go around. Honestly. I didn’t do this because the floral wire I have is super thin and pretty much useless. I got it from Wal-Mart if you want to know where NOT to get your floral wire. And now that I made it without the floral wire, I’m not sure it’s at all necessary.

DIY St. Lucy Crown Garland Close Up

The first step is to start forming the wreath with your garland. I bought my garland at the dollar store. It is $1 for 15 feet. It is a pretty thin garland so you need a bit of it to make it look full. Still totally worth it. The ONLY downside is that this garland sheds like crazy. But so does my dog, so I’m vacuuming anyway.

If your child is around you could try to take the garland around their head once to make sure that you are forming the wreath into a size that will fit your child. My child was in bed asleep because that’s the only time I could ever actually get a project like this done. So I took a wild guess.

I weaved the garland in and out of the middle circle so that the garland wrapped around itself. I’m not sure how many times I went around, I was able to get something pretty and lush in no time. Once you are satisfied, use your wire cutter to cut the garland and secure it to the wreath.



Next, grab your battery operated tea lights. I can’t quite remember how much mine were. I bought them from Target, I believe they were in a 20 pack for $15. You can probably find some cheaper elsewhere. Now you are going to take those tea lights and hot glue them into your wreath. The trick here is going to be getting them embedded slightly into the wreath, but also making sure that you have access to the on/off switch for the candles. I just kind of tucked them in and it worked really well. I would advise hot gluing around the edges and not the bottoms. That will keep them embeded in the wreath and still give you access to that switch. Now I just need to find my hot glue gun so they stay put…

And there you have it. A sweet, easy, toddler-friendly, St. Lucy’s day wreath!

If you wanted to get a bit fancier you could get a sprig of christmasy flowers from the dollar store that have berries and remove said berries hot glue them the wreath to make it look a bit more legit.



Let me know if you give this a try and if it works out for you. If you do it, post a pic and #catholicathome so I can see!  I’m crossing my fingers over here!


We’re in this together,
pray for me and I’ll pray for you!
+ Linsey


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  1. Laurie December 13, 2017 at 11:27 AM - Reply

    Cute! And someday when you need to make a little bit larger crown, this first little one will be a good keepsake for you to give Lucy someday. And… those cinnamon rolls sound pretty good right about now.
    Happy Feast of Saint Lucy!

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