Understanding the Gospel – December 17, 2017

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Joyful Expectation

Third Sunday of Advent – Year B

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The Church calls today, “Gaudete” Sunday. “Gaudete” is a Latin work meaning, “rejoice”. It is a reminder that Advent is a time of joy because Jesus, the joy of our Salvation, is coming very soon!

In the Gospel today we hear about a man named John the Baptist. John is witnessing and teaching about Jesus in order to “prepare the way of the Lord”. That means that he wants people to hear about Jesus so that they are ready when he comes.  Just like John the Baptist – we are talking about Jesus and preparing for him to come to us at Christmas. There is one difference, though, when John the Baptist was talking, Jesus had already come into the world as our savior, John knew that Jesus was the Son of God but the people just didn’t recognize Him.

During Advent, we pray that we will be able to recognize Jesus’ presence in our midst. Advent also reminds us that Jesus will come again and we pray that we will continue to be watchful (even when Advent is over!) and anticipate that day with great joy!

Third week of Advent

Discussion Questions

How can we recognize Jesus in our world?

What are you most joyful about right now? What are you grateful for?

What can we do today to show Jesus how joyful we are and excited we are for his coming?


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We’re in this together,
pray for me and I’ll pray for you!
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