Understanding the Gospel – Sunday November 19, 2017

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What’s Your Talent?

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

If you would like to read the entire text of today’s readings you can find that here


Before we get into today’s meditation I just want to encourage you to take a look at the full text of today’s readings, which you can find above. Today’s Gospel is a long one, and often times when this happens, the Church offers a shorter version of the Gospel reading. I’ll be including information from the LONG version. I would not personally find the long form too long to read to my kids, but you know your kids and if you are worried about losing them with the long form then I would encourage you to stop periodically and talk the reading out as you go along.


Let’s jump in!


In today’s gospel Jesus is teaching us through another parable the parable of the talents.

Now, a “talent” in Jesus’ time actually was a unit of money. But, this can be just as easily applied to our modern definition of the word talent. God gives resources to each of us according to our ability to use them. It’s important to understand here that God only expects of us what we’re capable of doing–not more, not less. In the Parable that we hear today one servant is given a large sum and takes what he has been given, works hard and doubles it. Another man is given a little less than the first, but he too takes what he has been given, works hard and doubles it. The one who was given the smallest among  – did nothing. He chose not to be useful. Little was expected from him, and yet he wouldn’t even do a little. God knows our ability. God gives each of us some resource, some talent or passion, some ability to make God more present in our world. It’s up to each of us to use what we have to give glory to God.


Talk it Out:

What resources, gifts, talents, or blessings have YOU been given that God is asking you to use for His glory?



This week we’re doing changing stuff up a little bit and providing you with a PDF that you can print off in order to more easily utilize Understanding the Gospel. Let us know if this works out better! You can find the PDF here.


We’re in this together,

pray for me and I’ll pray for you!

+ Linsey





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